Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
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    Polyurethane on cast iron is the most versatile and cost effective industrial wheel on the market. Trew’s polyurethane tread is liquid cast and chemically bonded to a Class 30 solid web cast iron center. The tread is resistant to most chemicals, protects floors, is quiet, has great load bearing, wears like iron, and is non-marking and non-sparking. The wheels can be equipped with a variety of bearings including the easy rolling ball bearing setup. We offer a very large selection of sizes and bearing combinations. If what you need is not listed please consult the factory.

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    By combining the durability and load bearing characteristics of polyurethane with precision ball bearings, we have created an easy rolling, low maintenance workhorse of a wheel. The “sealed for life” precision grade ball bearings never need lubrication and the T-bushing setup allows the user to tighten down the axle without constricting the inner race. Greatly improved rollability solves many ergonomic problems. Frequently, this results in reduced workplace injuries.