Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
  • Product Image - Polyurethane On Heavy Duty Iron

    The same quality construction as our standard polyurethane on iron wheels except that treads are thicker than standard and the cast iron centers are a heavier design. All designs are based on the very rigorous expectations of the automotive industry. The thicker treads provide more cushioning and greater load bearing capacity within certain parameters. The heavy duty construction of these wheels make them ideal for power towed applications. For more extreme capacity applications we offer extra hard 70D polyurethane treads on all sizes listed. Consult the factory for details.

  • Product Image - Polyurethane on Heavy Duty Iron Centers

    • Quiet Ride
      Designed to roll more quietly than regular polyurethane on iron wheels, these heavy duty wheels were expressly designed to reduce the noise level of towed trailers in large automotive plants. Special “Trew Soft” tread is available for further noise reduction and debris rejection.
    • Concave Face
      The unique concave face of the casting concentrates the compression of the urethane toward the centerline of the tread. This innovation simulates the cushioning benefits of a thicker, softer tread, but provides the same durability and long life as our other heavy duty wheels.
    • Automotive Industry
      Thousands of Quiet Ride wheels are currently in use in the automotive industry, where they have met with great approval for successfully contributing to quieter plant environments.
    • Mechanical Lock
      In addition to the chemical bond of the tread tire, the concave face of the casting gives an additional mechanical lock.

  • Product Image - Polyurethane on Drop Forged Steel

    • Extra Thick Tread
      One inch thick tread is standard in all sizes. Provides greater load bearing and cushioning.
    • Forged Steel
      Center Virtually indestructible wheel center combined with extra thick tread and tapered roller bearings makes an unparalleled “bullet proof” combination for severe applications that require a resilient tread.
    • Standard Features
      Grease seals, spacers and lube fittings are standard on all models.
    • Non-standard Treads
      Tread can be modified to fit various applications such as greater load capacity or debris rejection.
    • Extreme Capacity
      Available with extra hard polyurethane for greatest capacities. Consult factory for details.