Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
  • Product Image - Pallet Rollers

    Pallet rollers are liquid cast polyurethane chemically bonded to centers machined from Trew Cast gray iron or steel. These specials are top quality American made rollers that are designed to save money in the long run.

    All centers are counter-bored to customer specifications. Consult factory for sizes and availability.

  • Product Image - Phenolic Resin Wheels

    Phenolic resin combined with fiber particles and molded under extreme pressure and temperature creates a very durable, versatile and economical wheel. Phenolic resin wheels are very hard and consequently roll well on relatively smooth surfaces. They are resistant to water, most solvents, oils, acids and chemicals. Operating temperature range is -50°F to 260°F intermittently up to 300°F. Specify bearing type.

    • High Temperature
      Most sizes are available made from phenolic resin designed to withstand temperatures up to 475°F. The compounding that is required to manufacture these wheels makes them more brittle than standard and consequently more likely to chip on rough surfaces.
    • Special Bearings
      Wheels can be equipped with sealed precision grade ball bearings and T-bushings (most sizes) for maximum rollability. Tapered roller bearings can also be provided for increased capacity and applications that require a more durable bearing set-up.
    • V-Groove
      Most sizes can accomodate a V-groove for use on an inverted angle-iron track. Capacities are reduced by 40%. Other modified tread faces are available. Consult factory.
    • Polyurethane on Phenolic
      Special manufacturing techniques allow us to securely bond a polyurethane tread to a phenolic center. Many potential applications for this extremely tough and economical combination exist. Please consult the factory for available sizes.
    • Laminated Tread
      Available with a laminated tread - a phenolic impregnated fiber wrapping over the standard center. This lamination provides greater resistance to chipping and fraying. Additionally, shock, impact resistance and capacity are increased.