Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
  • Product Image - Special Application Wheels

    Trew has always been an innovative leader in designing special rubber and polyurethane tired industrial wheels. Although our wide selection of standard wheels satisfies most applications, many industries require specialized wheels.

    Please call our sales department for more detailed information.
    Also note that nearly any material that is machinable can be fashioned into a wheel but not all materials can have urethane or rubber bonded to them.

  • Product Image - Drive Wheels

    Industrial drive wheels are used throughout industry. The applications are varied, but all involve fixing a wheel to a shaft. The most common means of securing a wheel to a shaft is with a keyway and/or setscrews. Other set-ups include tapered locking bushing, welding, interference fit, nuts and bolts, and cotter pins.

    Keyways can be machined in most wheel sizes. The wheel hub diameter must be large enough to allow 1/4” of metal between the hub outside diameter and the bottom of the keyway. Because of the extra stress involved with keyed wheels, capacity ratings should be reduced by 75% and our normal warranty does not apply. When ordering, please specify shaft size as well as the width and depth of desired keyway. The chart at right shows the standard keyway dimensions in relation to the shaft diameter.

    Set screws are also available. Unless otherwise specified, if one set screw is desired it will be placed over the keyway. If two, the second will be at 90° from the keyway.