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  • Tennaflex



    All Trew-Flex wheels are available with the economical roller bearing, easy rolling ball bearing or the rugged tapered roller bearings.

    Trew-Flex combines the advantages of pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels and eliminates the disadvantages of both.

    The TREW-FLEX wheel looks like a pneumatic tired wheel: it rolls as smoothly as a pneumatic tired wheel coupled with the durability of a mold-on.

    The TREW-FLEX wheel is a SOLID TIRE (puncture proof) permanently BONDED onto a cast aluminum center. Size for size the TREW-FLEX has more than twice as much rubber and cushioning capacity as conventional mold-on wheels.

    The TREW-FLEX wheel is designed to replace the pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels, allowing the easy ride of the pneumatic and the durability of the molded-on tire.