Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
Tapered Roller Bearings
Ideal for severe duty applications. Withstands high load, side load, impact and high speed.

Split Race Roller Bearing
Most popular for industrial wheel use. Great general duty bearing with high capacity.

Precision Ball Bearings
Easiest rolling bearing. Generally maintenance free. T-bushings are available for most sizes.

Caged Roller Bearing
Rollers are retained in hardened casing. A supe rior version of split race.

Plastic Bearing
Ideally suited for wet or corrosive environments. One piece or 2-piece flanged construction.

Retain lubrication and pre vent dirt and debris entry. Standard on all tapered roller bearings. Also avail able in flat washer type for roller bearings.

Non-rotating steel sleeve that fits over the axle. Provides hardened surface for bearing rollers.

Used in tapered roller bearing setup; allow caster leg to apply required preload to tapered bearing cone.

Metal T-shaped bushings used in ball bearing setups.; allow caster legs to be tightened without applying force to inner race of bearing.

Sintered Bronze Bushing
A simple oil-impregnated sleeve bearing useful in corrosive environments or where ease of movement is not a major concern.

Retaining Washers
Flat metal washers used to retain split race roller bearing assembly. Also available with neoprene lip seal.

Snap Rings
Internally expanding metal rings that lock into bore grooves to provide backing for ball or tapered roller bearings.

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