Manufacturer of Industrial Wheels
Trew has always been an innovative leader in designing special rubber and polyurethane tired industrial wheels. Although our wide selection of standard wheels satisfies most applications, many industries require specialized wheels.

Please call our sales department for more detailed information.
Also note that nearly any material that is machinable can be fashioned into a wheel but not all materials can have urethane or rubber bonded to them.

Unit of Measure



  • Thinner Treads
    In some high speed applications thinner treads will provide greater capacities.
  • Thicker Treads
    Increasing tread thickness will increase capacity by reducing tread stress. Thicker treads can be detrimental in high speed applications.
  • Concentricity
    Greater concentricity and T.I.R. than standard can be achieved. Consult factory.

Special Treads


  • Extra Hard
    Harder treads generally improve rollability and increase load bearing capacity. Available in rubber and urethane on all sizes.
  • Profile
    Any tread profile or size can be molded (if quantity warrants), or machined after molding.
  • Extra Soft
    Extra soft treads are needed for cushioned ride and/or greater grip.
  • V-Groove
    Any size or configuration can be made into a V-groove wheel.
  • UV Resistant
    Ultraviolet light is destructive to polyurethanes. Trew offers urethane with special inhibitors which give much greater life to UV-exposed wheels.
  • Debris Resistant
    Special softer tread is available in all sizes and is remarkably resistant to picking up chips and debris.
  • Wet Applications
    Urethanes specifically designed for wet applications including outdoors, mining and underwater.
  • Color
    Trew offers three standard urethane colors in red, blue and green. Generally, any color is available on special order.
  • Hot Environments
    Specialized rubber tread has a maximum working temperature of 300°F. Also, urethanes are available that are more suitable for somewhat higher temperatures than the standard 180°F maximum.
  • Rollability
    Tread material has a very significant impact on rollability of a wheel. Trew offers several options with enhanced characteristics.
  • Laundry Equipment
    Urethane specifically designed for the hot, wet, abusive conditions found in industrial laundry environments. Retread services available.
  • Non-Marking
    All urethanes, regardless of color, are non-marking. Grey non-marking rubber is also available in all rubber sizes.
  • Low-Temperature
    Very cold environments require special urethanes that do not become brittle. Call factory for details.
  • Encapsulated
    Some extreme environments require encapsulating entire wheels with urethane. This process gives the rigidity of poly on iron but with solid poly protection.

Special Centers


  • Pattern Shop
    Trew has the capability to design and fabricate any foundry pattern a casting not currently available in our extensive inventory.
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless is available and is commonly used in applications where rust or corrosion is a factor.
  • Steel/Aluminum Billet
    On special short runs steel or aluminum billets are used to manufacture centers.
    Phenolic Urethane bonded to phenolic can be a low cost alternative to many other centers.
  • Alloys
    Some applications require special alloys not normally used for industrial wheel centers, including brass, zinc and aluminum alloys.
  • Nylon
    Special techniques allow us to effectively bond to nylon.

In-house Services


  • Foundry pattern design and fabrication
  • Custom mold design and fabrication
  • Special wheel sizes
  • Special hub lengths
  • Special bores and keyways
  • Special rubber and urethane treads


N/A Trew Industrial Wheels, Inc. warrants all wheels to be free from defective workmanship and materials for a period of one year from date shipped. This warranty is conditional upon wheels being used in the environment and application for which they were sold. All capacities are based on intermittent use at speeds not in excess of 3 mph. We cannot be responsible for misuse, accidents, or unusual conditions not reported to us at the time of purchase. Trew wheels are not intended for human conveyances or amusement rides. In all cases, our liability shall be limited to the factory invoice cost of the products.

Design/Specification Changes

N/A Trew Industrial Wheels, Inc. reserves the right to change the design and/or modify the specifications of items in this catalog without notice. If a particular dimension or specification is critical, it should be verified at the time the order is placed.